On 19 February 2005, at a founding meeting in Völksen (at Springe, region Hanover), the association
Magics e.V.
Here met with a round of young adults to built a club for children and young people. A statute was adopted and the preparations for and recognition as a non-registered association were getroffen.Ein Board of three persons was chosen the time being the leadership and management of the fledgling club over.
Meanwhile Magics eV is a non-profit organization. In April 2005, we will jump from the district court as an ordinary eV acknowledged.
But what should the objectives and tasks of the association in the future?
Well, it is easy from the word "MAGICS" derived by simply spelled:

M- like music
The employment with musical possibilities of expression is an essential characteristic of our Arbeit.Dazu include the promotion of investments and musical talents, singing and music in the community, and the implementation of public concerts. The children learn in different ways, musically, within its capabilities to operate. But progress and success experiences are long-term.

A - such as actions
In addition to all artistic activities will also everything else children so happy, on his rights. Games, fun, joy and adventure we are also guaranteed. These include: once a year, a large leisure with a complete programme of visits by cultural events, theatre performances, including concerts, summer festivals, tours, shape actions (Art at the station), flea markets, etc. Bastelaktionen

G –(Gesang) such as singing
Singing is our very much in the foreground. As an elementary musical expression, we operate in many forms (see C). Especially children singing makes great pleasure. We learn to sing it in conjunction with musical training and Stimmschulung, and can also demonstrate to the public.

I - as instrumental
Piano, Blöckflöte, keyboard, trumpet and many others, our children have mastered many instruments. Here, they can do it in cooperation with music educators learn and develop. Musical talents are specifically encouraged. Those who learn an instrument, in this way into the mysteries of the music penetrate. A little hard work and perseverance are already with them. Who his instrument, however well controlled, other people always a great pleasure.

C - such as choir
From the beginning, there were Magics to a large children's choir. We have approximately 25 children have a lot of fun and joy to use. Singing in the Community, Sologasang, voice, and accompanied by dramatic plays are the central tasks. In the choir, each child from 5 years to occur, which have sufficient vocal and musical requirements. The singing in the choir association is very easy if you "threshold fear" has overcome. The choir will enter into concerts, theatre performances (Musical) and as a welcome guest in other events.

S – (Schauspiel) as Acting
Similarly, since the beginning, we have a theatre group. Here we learn children under the expert guidance free speech, role-playing, pantomime and other disciplines of the theater game. There are sketches, small plays and musicals einstudiert and aufgeführt.Die musicals will be together with the children's choir in costume and stage design in major events dargeboten.Die drama group is an excellent field of activity for children and young people who darstellerische and theatrical ambitions.

We wish you a lot of fun exploring the site